Augmented reality and the future of online shopping

As a second test, I tried the app open-air by trying to display a bed on the street. Obviously the feel is not realistic, given the weirdness of the experiment. However it can still give you some ideas of how this technology can be used: the concept can be applied not only to closed ambient but also in open air. Maybe in this case we will not use the app to put furniture, but about about trees? The same concept can be used to design a garden.

However it is still applicable in other fields. For example, by developing a proper software, we can use this technology to organize events like an exhibition by planning them in digital world. An artist can position its own paintings in a museum room using the app and than share the disposition of his pictures to the operators in charge of setting up the exhibition.

In any case my personal opinion is that this kind of applications are suitable when you have to work with a previously existing space in a fast way, to get some impressions in just few seconds. A better experience can be even achieved by applying the same technology to some headset like HTC Vive. However, the purpose of these apps is clear: it is a fashionable way to attract clients because the apps require almost no setup and they probably represent the future of online shopping: they are easy to use, funny and useful since the client doesn't have to physically move to the shop.