SkyView and Other Applications of Augmented Reality

In this assignment we have to try one of those apps that help you identify stars and constellations. You simply need to point your camera towards a star and the application instantly tells you which is its name. I have already tried Google Sky some years ago, but now, with the arrival of Augmented Reality, these new applications directly draw constellations and information upon the input coming from your phone camera. It is amazing how all this is possible by a simple gyroscope and an internet connection.

When I tried SkyView I was really unlucky. In fact I was not able to see neither Saturn nor the Moon. But hey, I was able to find them anyway. That’s the magic of Augmented Reality!

We can imagine a future when we can implement this technology on some high-tech glasses. Glasses could show us information about anything. Of course, there will be lots of challenges. In fact, while an application like SkyView could rely mainly on the gyroscope to understand the context and the environment, lots of other applications will have to understand the environment by relying on information coming from camera. Of course, given the increasing popularity of stereo camera on smartphones, it will be easier for our devices to understand the environment and its depth.
So we can imagine a future when, while cooking, our glasses will show us what’s the next ingredient we have to pick and what we have to do. Or we can imagine these glasses showing us the way while riding our bicycle, when holding a phone is not that easy. Finally, we can apply the same concept to every domain. For instance, have you seen the new assistant that Google has implemented in its new Pixel Laptop? It simply lets you draw a circle on some content in your browser, and than it will look for information on the web about the content surrounded by your circle. What if you can have a similar function in augmented reality by simply drawing a circle with your hand to look for information on Google?